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Hi there,

For those who don't already know me, I am Alison. I ventured down the Organic produce path through advice from one of my children's specialists for his ADHD diagnosis and serious gut problems along with several other things. I really wanted to help him as much as I can before going down the path of medications. I started purchasing Organic produce through the food chains and honestly, I struggled to afford it. It's crazy how expensive organic produce is! 

I was recommended a local co-op, which was much more affordable and I happy knowing the produce was Australian. Unfortunately this co-op eventually closed and I was back to the drawing board. This sucked, as I was getting a great result with the is produce along with elimination diets.

So, from this I ended up starting Project Organic  from my home for myself and a few friends as we wanted to meet our families’ needs for fresh, quality produce, grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified components and also without the ridiculous price tag.

The big supermarket chains lacked in quality produce and were way over-priced. How they can get away with that just amazes me.

I wanted to help make it affordable for the everyday family and so I formed Project Organic.

As time passed the quantity of boxes ordered increased and the fortnightly Organic Fruit + Veg Box soon turned into weekly boxes and before I knew it turned into daily deliveries. I outgrew my space and ended up moving into a factory offering delivery Sydney wide plus Rural NSW. It was insane. I learnt a great deal along the way and so my passion grew further.

However, what started out as wanting to make Organic produce affordable for families, quickly grew and so did the overheads and before I knew it I realised this was not how I wanted this venture to go, the direction changed and the personal interaction was not the same. That is what I loved the most. Meeting everyone, learning there stories and having a personal connection.

So, Project Organic came to an end after Christmas 2020 and we travelled for a few months in a caravan exploring our land.

From here, I ended up starting Farm Fresh to Door. A much smaller local Fruit + Veg business which I ran on my own. I sourced the produce, packed the boxes and delivered to each and every customer myself. I loved it! Getting to know all my customers from chatting to them and via social media. I got to know there dislikes and where to leave each box if no one is home. I built relationships and it became personal again.

During this time, friends asked if I can order Organic produce for them and they will split the costs. So I started doing this once a week or fortnight on the days that I didn't work with Farm fresh to Door. Just a small bunch of local mummas.

So.... The early rises to each delivery, social media interactions and paperwork became too much and my family were affected greatly. Unfortunately I had no choice but to pull the plug on Farm Fresh to Door.

What a journey, I can breathe again and my kiddies have there mum back.

So here I am! If you kept reading this biography hahaha I am still getting fresh 100% Organic Certified produce every week. Nothing fancy, just family favourites and all this from my home, where I originally started.

If you would like to join our little group and get Organic produce without having to get a second job, then reach out! Have a chat and a laugh and enjoy what our wonderful hard working farmers have produced.




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All the fruit and vegetables taste like they are supposed to and it reduces household plastic. I also enjoy the variety that it forces us to eat more seasonably. It comes beautifully packed in a box and is great value for money.

Romola R

Menai - NSW


Organic Produce

All of our fresh fruit & vegetables are sourced from Australian organic farms!

We supply a wide range of quality organic products!

  • Fresh fruit & vegetables
  • Hormone free chicken
  • Grass fed meat
  • Market fresh seafood
  • Bio-Dynamic dairy
  • Fresh baked sourdough
  • Fermented Crumpets
  • Fresh roasted coffee
  • Nuts & dried fruit
  • Pantry items
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